Geological Process in NZ

Welcome to this Wikispace, which I am constructing for the students of Sacred Heart College, but am making available to all schools.
It is intended to provide general background information on geological processes in NZ. Much of the material is taken from the stuff I put together for the old AS on rock formation for the Level 1 geology standard, which has now expired. I do not want to change the URL of the wiki page, as this may break links from elsewhere in my material.

I will be adding new material to cover things like erosion and sea level change.
Most of these pages relate to general processes in all of NZ. Not all processes are relevant to all parts of the country e.g. we won't be looking much at metamorphism in Auckland, except for the formation of greywacke.

Some links, particularly on plate tectonics and igneous rocks, will take you to my wiki for Level 3 Science. The standards for that course expire at the end of 2012, and I will then archive irrelevant material and re-work it for the new Level 3 Earth and Space Science course.

I will be adding a page about processes in the Auckland area, with examples, to this wiki.

I may be able to construct pages for other parts of the country if you contact me.

Teachers: if you copy material from this site, please acknowledge it. A booklet version, with questions and self-management exercises is available from the author, at a small cost on an honesty system. My contact is: .

I would also appreciate feedback on how I could improve this site. Please note that reproduction of my material for commercial purposes is not permitted under the copyright license on this site.
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